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An Introduction to Social Media for Business

With two thirds of the global internet population visiting social networks, businesses are increasingly utilising these platforms to engage with clients and other businesses.

Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core

If you come in to contact with children for extended periods during the course of your work or as a volunteer this is the course for you

Infection Prevention and Control - Non-Clinical Guidance

This online course in Infection Prevention and Control provides non-clinical staff with guidance on how to improve control measures in their organisation.

Information Sharing

This course complements the introductory module within our highly success "Integrated Working CAF" course and covers many work based scenarios to help the learner practice their...

TIGER Caldicott

An overview of the benefits and legal requirements of adopting the Caldicott principles.

Understanding Gypsy and Irish Traveller Identity in Society

Current and present issues faced by Gypsies and Irish Travellers in the UK, this module aims to proactively reduce prejudice and discrimination

Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Dysfunction in Adults

This module aims to increase awareness of bladder incontinence and provide the learner with the information needed to undertake a holistic assessment of individuals

Anaphylaxis Awareness

Anaphylaxis is a rare but very serious condition and it is vital that all employees working in a healthcare environment are aware of the condition...

Introducing Telecare and Telehealth

Telehealth is the delivery of health care related services and information via telecommunication technologies.

Aseptic Techniques

Having completed this e-learning course, learners will understand what an aseptic technique is, what circumstances the technique should be used in and the reasons why.

Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Foundation

This course covers a variety of child protection issues and is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with children

Capacity and Demand

This module will give you a broad understanding of capacity and demand, SPC (Statistical Process Control), as well as introductory knowledge of process...

Childhood Obesity and Henry

This course has been specially developed to help practitioners tackle the obesity epidemic

Confidentiality for Healthcare

An overview of the principles of adopting confidentiality within an organisation.

Conflict Resolution for Healthcare

This programme covers the common causes of conflict; the role of communication in conflict resolution; danger

Data Protection at Work

This e-learning course will provide you with a general overview of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the implications of this Act in the workplace.

Dementia Awareness

This module aims to raise carers' understanding about the lived experience of a person with dementia

Equality and Diversity for Healthcare

This module is aimed at helping learners to be better placed to play their part in promoting Equality and Diversity within their organisations.

eSafety - Guidance for Practitioners

Technology is affecting younger age groups; instead of using toy guns boys and girls are armed with games consoles, mobile phones and the monster weapon that is the internet.

Essentials of Information Governance TIGER

TIGER - Essentials is a single module which is ideal for accompanying all staff induction programs, or as an

Falls and Fracture Prevention in Older People

This e-learning module provides the learner with an understanding of the occurrence of falls for older

Health and Safety for Healthcare

This course is targeted primarily at healthcare workers in NHS organisations and looks at the duties of both employer and employees.

TIGER Health Records

It will enable a learner to understand what a Health Record is, what the legal implications are and the best

Hidden Harm - parental drug & alcohol misuse

This course aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting the children of problem substance users

Infection Prevention and Control

Rising levels of health care associated infection (HCAI) have gained prominence in the media and in politics

TIGER Information Quality Assurance

This course covers why good quality information underpins sound decision making and contributes to the

Integrated Working Early Help Assessment; Information Sharing Lead Professional

This basic awareness course is made up of three learning objectives: Information sharing, the role of the lead professional ....

Lean Healthcare Overview

The Lean Healthcare Overview is a practical introduction to Lean, the philosophy and the tools. It is the

Lone Working in Healthcare

Everyday thousands of people working in the healthcare sector will be exposed to situations where they are left alone with patients or other members of the public.

Managing Attendance

This e-learning programme has one single aim - to help managers to feel confident in managing attendance.

Mental Capacity Act

This course aims to help care workers look at how the Act will affect them and to help them to develop best practice to include in the new legislation.

Moving and Handling Objects and People

This module provides learners with the knowledge they need in order to reduce the chance of incurring an

Parental Mental Health

This e-learning course aims to increase awareness of the main issues surrounding mental distress in parents, and how this impacts upon their children.

Problem Solving

This course looks at a variety of tools to help individuals and reams solve both simple and highly complex problems.

Process Flow Analysis (PFA)

The overall aim of this module is to give learners a broad knowledge of the theory behind and the tips for undertaking Process Flow Analysis.

Safeguarding Adults (POVA)

This e-learning course is aimed at anyone who comes into contact with vulnerable adults during the course of their work.

Safeguarding Children and Young People from Abuse by Sexual Exploitation

This e-learning course aims to increase awareness of the main issues around the sexual exploitation of children and young people.

Safeguarding Children Refresher Training

This online refresher course has been developed in collaboration with experts from 6 Local Safeguarding Children Boards, and covers all the changes over the last three years

Safer Working Practices

The starting point for this module is to look at why you need to undertake training on the protection of children and young people.

Self Care

The module looks at the four elements of supporting self care: Skills, Tools, Advice and Networks (STAN)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs for short) are used to ensure consistency and quality within the organisation and ensures that the right people are trained for the job.

Teenage Pregnancy

The aim of the module is to increase awareness of the main issues around teenage pregnancy and young people's sexual health.

The Management of Urinary Catheterisation for Adults

This module supports the Skills for Health suite of competencies for continence - catheterisation.

TIGER Freedom of Information

This module gives an overview of the Freedom of Information Act including what the act is all about, how it

TIGER Information Security

This module will provide an overview of the benefits and legal requirements of adopting the Information

Visual Management

There are a number of tools within the Lean toolkit that can be used to eliminate waste.

Wellbeing in Sexual Health - Blackpool

Sexual Health is an important part of physical and mental health. Essential elements of good sexual health are equitable relationships and sexual fulfillment with ....

Working with Children with Disabilities

The module looks at the different types of disabilities, inclusion, working in partnership and safeguarding children with disabilities.
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